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Johnny Dombrowski


Mitch Frey
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Changing Mind by saktiisback
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Walking to Church
Norman Rockwell, 1953
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Walking to Church

Norman Rockwell, 1953

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I thought that I should just put them together _(:3>L)_
Rin’s and Haru’s versions were made on august (is why the others look kind of different, I didn’t have time to redraw rin and haru orz).

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Astro Boy
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The Unique Art of Rery (Artist on Tumblr)

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Curator’s Monday 146

Federico Infante (b.1982, Chile/USA) - The Lightness of Being

Chilean-born, New York painter Federico Infante’s paintings are the honest dialogues: “I remember when I was a kid and for the first time, I heard the sentence “painting is a language,” and honestly, I don’t think it made too much sense at that time but the fact that I still remember that moment is very significant to me. That idea kept bouncing in my head creating a sequence of numerous events in my life that made me decide that the only way that I’m going to be satisfied with my paintings is if I can express myself as authentically as possible using this “language.” And that is how I start every painting - there is an honest decision to alter the elements every time that I start working so I can learn and challenge myself. Painting becomes a personal language only if I build my own way to represent things. So, yes for me the decision of the subject comes from an interaction with the expressive abstraction of my backgrounds - the character, the building or the landscape needs to emerge from this “language” because otherwise we will be imposing an idea instead of having a dialogue. And honestly, is it possible to have a language without dialogue?” (src: interview with artist by Bertrand Delacroix Gallery)

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Jeremy Mann - The Bryant Sreet Bar      Paintings: Oil on Panel
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Jeremy Mann - The Bryant Sreet Bar      Paintings: Oil on Panel

Grendel album artwork ‘Timewave Zero’by torvenius
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"Moon and sea"
Artist George Dmitriev
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"Moon and sea"

Artist George Dmitriev